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All my sins come back to me when i close my eyes
My body is bound with the scars i recollect
I cant see the real meaning hidden in my delusion
One consciousness rises in the center of my turbid heart
I get to know the frailty that i cant get over in a dim silence
Ugliness... exposed... to live... solitude

Kindness to the wounded
Reflects a clot of contradiction,
In the mirror of my superiority
I know no one can understand me
But i confess everything until yesterday
That superiority is not emancipation
But compensation of solitude

My constrained will says
"all dissatisfaction comes from you”
When i saw that, my reality was destroyed

Good bye
Past, future and solitude burst
And i writhe in a mad room
My head is spinning
You are only the imagination of my disease
Our views are distorted
We have no right to choose where we die
In this rotten place our souls die without trace...



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